Gwynne supports Labour Backbench Child Poverty Bill 

unknownUnder the Tories the UK is set for the biggest increase in child poverty in a generation with 3.9 million children living in poverty throughout the UK which amounts to is 28% of all children or 9 in a classroom of 30. 

Shocking findings revealed by End Child Poverty found that in the Denton and Reddish constituency there are an estimated 4,899 children living in poverty which accounts for over a quarter of all children across the area.1

In 2015 the Tories scrapped children poverty targets which had been implemented by the last Labour government, meaning they have no legal duty to tackle the number of children in poverty.

On Friday 3 February 2017 Labour MP Dan Jarvis is putting forward a private members bill to establish a target for the reduction of child poverty in the United Kingdom. The bill will require the government to set a child poverty target and a strategy for meeting it.

Andrew Gwynne said:

“This is a national disgrace created by the Tories. When Labour left office in 2010 there were 1,000,000 fewer children in poverty compared to 1997, today we’re seeing the results of seven years of Tory failures and its children bearing the cost.

“No child in Britain should have to grow up in poverty. For those children who do, poverty represents a real barrier to them reaching their potential. Children through no fault of their own are more likely to fall behind in school, less likely to secure a job, and more likely to suffer from illness whilst living in poverty in their early years.

“Today in Denton and Reddish there are almost 5,000 children living in poverty, that’s a 25% rise since 2012 alone and shows that this is a crisis made in Downing Street by a Tory government. 

“Dan Jarvis’s Child Poverty Bill is about putting children first. Through establishing a target to reduce child poverty, we are making a clear statement that can drive change across government. I and many of my Labour colleagues support this Bill, and I hope it makes its way into law as soon as possible.”


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