“More needs to be done to stamp out this horrific prejudice” – MP Gwynne calls for an end to hate crimes as figures soar 

unknownAnti-Semitic incidents have surged to record levels in the UK, new figures have revealed. The Community Security Trust (CST), a charity which monitors anti-Semitism, recorded an alarming 1,309 anti-Semitic incidents nationwide during 2016 (1), the highest figure ever recorded since its creation in 1984. 

The CST which works with police to gather data, said recorded incidents last year had increased by 36% on 2015 and surpasses the previous highest annual tally of 1,182 in 2014. Local figures also showed that last year more than 75% of all recorded incidents occurred in London and Greater Manchester, areas with the two largest Jewish communities in the UK.

This follows a growing trend which in 2016 saw all incidents of hate crime reported to the police rising by 57% overall.

Andrew Gwynne said: 

“This is a very important report that demonstrates the need for a rapid response from the part of public bodies at local and national level to tackle Antisemitism, as well as other forms of hate crimes.

“We’ve also got to be aware of the growing trend towards social media attacks – since last year there has been an increase of reported hate crimes against the Jewish community on social media which now accounts for 22% of all incidents of hate crime.

“I believe that everyone should be able to celebrate their religion, race or sexual orientation openly, and without fear. Attacks on any minorities in the UK are attacks on us all.”

1 https://cst.org.uk/data/file/c/4/Incidents%20Report%202016%20Web.1485859601.pdf


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