Gwynne backs Fair Deal for the North 

unknownThis week local MP, Andrew Gwynne, has backed the Shadow Chancellor’s commitment to rebalance spending across the country, which would see increased levels of public investment across the North West. 

Labour’s new plans run contrary to current Tory spending proposals, whereby the North receives only half the investment per head of London, instead pledging to create a “Barnett Formula for the North.” The Barnett Formula, an economic method devised in 1978 by Labour’s treasury chief secretary Joel Barnett, legally protects and boosts spending in different parts of the country.

Specifically the Fair Deal will focus on Northern transport infrastructure and delivering “Crossrail for the North”, a series of major rail improvements across existing west-east links in the North of England.

Andrew Gwynne said: 

“We all know how badly we need local transport across Audenshaw, Denton, Dukinfield and Reddish to improve after years of Tory cuts, that’s why I’m committed to Labour’s radical new plans to transform investment in the North West.

“For too long the North has been at the wedge end of spending decisions from London which is why a future Labour government will introduce legislation to make sure future governments will be charged with auditing their regional capital spend against economic need, and reporting to Parliament when the investment imbalances are excessive.

“Labour wants to move away from the view that whatever works in the City of London will benefit the whole country – that’s why Labour wants everyone to get involved in developing Regional Economic Plans.

“We want to hear from you what we, Labour in Government, can do to deliver on the potential of the Denton and Reddish constituency.”

Please visit where you can get involved.


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