Do you have what it takes to change the world? Asks Gwynne MP

british councilAndrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish, has joined the search for a new generation of leaders to join emerging talent from nine other countries for an intensive policy and leadership development opportunity, culminating in a conference in the UK Houses of Parliament.

Future Leaders Connect[1], launched this year by the British Council, will offer nine days of leadership learning and development for young people to provide them with the skills they need to turn innovative ideas in to tangible policy recommendations.

The British Council is seeking exceptional young people aged 18-35 to join a nine-day workshop to develop leadership skills, learn from global policy experts and attend private meetings with inspirational leaders.

Successful applicants will take part in regional heats to win the opportunity to meet with MPs in the UK Houses of Parliament as well heads of NGOs, policy-makers and others.

Anyone who would like to take part needs to submit an online application by midnight Sunday 14 May (UK time):

Andrew Gwynne said:

“We have a long, proud tradition of democratic policy-making in this country and this is a great opportunity for the next generation of leaders to take it forward.

 “The connections these young people will make not only with UK decision makers but also with their counterparts from across the world, will be invaluable to them in their future careers.

 “I would urge anybody from across the Denton and Reddish constituency who wants to make a difference, have their voice heard and become a great leader, to apply to Future Leaders Connect.”

 Sir Ciarán Devane (Chief Executive of the British Council) said:

“An international outlook is vital for the future leaders of all countries, if they wish to overcome the challenges they will face.

 “Through Future Leaders Connect the British Council will help a new generation to understand practical policy development by putting them in contact with the leaders of today.

 “The programme will help them to develop the skills and international contacts they need to make positive change in their countries.”



[1] Future Leaders Connect is a long-term project to create a community of emerging leaders from around the world who have spent time in the UK developing their capacity to be effective policy leaders, and have a connection with the UK’s culture and institutions.



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