Gwynne backs WASPI women as Labour launches new Pensioners’ Pledge Card

facebook pledgeDenton and Reddish MP, Andrew Gwynne, has today thrown his support behind the Labour Party’s new set of promises for pensioners as the party launched its Pensioners’ Pledge Card.

Launched today (12 April) by the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell MP, as he visited Age UK’s Craft and Computer Centre in Coventry, the  pledge card lays out four guarantees which will assist older people.

The pledges are to:

  • Protect pensioner incomes by legislating to keep the Triple-Lock on state pensions throughout this and the next parliament (to 2025).
  • End Tory unfairness on the women’s pension age by compensating the WASPI women and particularly those worst affected by the changes.
  • Protect the pensions of UK citizens living overseas.
  • And to keep the Winter Fuel Allowance and free bus passes in place for pensioners.

Alongside the new pledge card, Labour has published new analysis from the House of Commons Library showing pensioners will be at least £650 better off per year by the end of the next parliament by Labour keeping the triple-lock.

Highlighting an increase in pensioner poverty over the last year, Labour will also commit to helping women affected by the Government’s speeding-up of the state pension age by compensating the WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) women for the current state pension unfairness. Affecting roughly 2.6 million women, these women received little or no official notice that their state pension age was increasing by up to six years, with no transitional arrangements put in place.


Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“These four pledges are aimed at demonstrating to Britain’s pensioners that Labour is acutely aware of the financial burdens that exist today.

“By protecting the triple lock on state pensions until at least 2025, the Winter Fuel Allowance and free bus passes, we are showing a financial commitment to all our pensioners.  

“As well as this, we also recognise the inequality of roughly 2.6 million women affected by historic Tory pension changes and have pledged to put an end to this unfairness and compensate those WASPI women, and especially those worst affected and now living in hardship and poverty.”

John McDonnell MP, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, said:

“I am delighted to be launching this pledge card showing how Labour will ensure pensioners keep their hard-won entitlements.

“It’s a national scandal that pensioner poverty is rising and the Tories are refusing to commit to keeping the triple-lock or compensate women worst affected by their speeding up of the state pension age.

“Only a Labour Government will stand up for pensioners and protect them throughout the next parliament.”


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