Gwynne welcomes Labour pledge to end hospital car parking charges for patients and staff

hospital car park 1.jpegLocal Labour candidate for the Denton and Reddish constituency, Andrew Gwynne, has backed the Labour Party’s pledge to end car parking charges across England’s NHS hospitals.

Currently patients, visiting families and carers, as well as nurses and other staff face car parking charges at hospitals across the country. In a series of Freedom of Information Requests[1] carried out by the public services union UNISON, nurses and other staff were asked to pay close to £100 per month to use hospital car parking facilities.

Research by the charity Macmillan revealed that although some NHS trusts run discount schemes for cancer patients, 59% of trusts still issue some charge for the use of their car park facilities with the average daily price of a car park stay for a patient’s above £7.00.[2] The charity added that, “The most common additional costs facing people living with cancer are travelling to and from hospital, or getting to other healthcare appointments.”[3]

Labour has vowed to end the scandal of hospital car parking with the annual cost of the £160 million policy paid for by raising insurance tax on private healthcare to 20%.

Andrew Gwynne said:

“A Labour government will end the unfair and unnecessary practice of charging patients and staff for use of a hospital’s car park.

“Many patients who are already struggling financially do not need the extra burden of paying large sums each month simply to park their car whilst they receive treatment.”



[3] Ibid p.3


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