Gwynne pledges commitment to school leaders campaign

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-22 at 13.14.02.jpegLabour’s Parliamentary candidate for Denton and Reddish, Andrew Gwynne, has today pledged his support for school leaders top priorities for education.

Gwynne has signed up to the five priorities campaign led by the NAHT (National Association of Head Teachers), a professional association and trade union for school leaders. Chief amongst the priorities is a commitment to reverse the real terms cuts schools are facing.

The pledges include plans:

  1. To fund education fully and fairly, reversing the £3bn real terms cuts that schools are facing and providing enough money to make the new national funding formula a success.
  2. To put forward a national strategy for teacher recruitment and retention that recognises teachers as high-status professionals and guarantees enough teachers for every school.
  3. To adopt fair methods to hold schools to account, recognising that test and exam results are only part of the picture when judging a pupil’s success or a school’s effectiveness.
  4. To value a broad range of subjects in the school day so that pupils’ opportunities are not limited and they are properly prepared for adult life.
  5. To make sure that schools are supported by health and social care services to allow schools to fulfil their role to promote pupil wellbeing rather than making up for cuts to other services.

This campaigns comes several months after it was revealed that almost every primary and secondary school in the country will see schools lose funding from central government due to begin in 2018, including schools from Audenshaw, Denton, Dukinfield, Reddish and the Heatons.[1]

Andrew Gwynne said:

“This is an important campaign in light of the school cuts across the board.

“Reversing the £3bn real terms cuts put through by the Tories’ is essential. We have to provide schools with enough money to make the new national funding formula a success.”

Russell Hobby, General Secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT said:

“School leaders are clear that they want the next government to focus on the top priorities within education. We need a clear focus on getting the basics right: enough money, a supply of well-qualified teachers, a broad curriculum, support to care for a child’s mental and physical well being, and an accountability system that is fair to both schools and pupils. We welcome the support Andrew Gwynne has given to these key priorities.”


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