Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 20.16.55Labour candidate, Andrew Gwynne has been re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Denton & Reddish, with 25,161 votes, taking the seat with a majority of 14,077 votes.

The General Election on 8th June saw a 61% turnout in Denton and Reddish, with Gwynne taking 63.5% of the total votes cast. Gwynne increased his majority over that attained in 2015 by 12.7%.

Throughout the General Election campaign, Gwynne held the post of Labour’s National Election and Campaign Coordinator, alongside Ian Lavery. Helping shape a long and positive campaign, and actively encouraging young people and those who previously hadn’t voted to use their democratic rights.

Gwynne’s campaign focused on positivity and optimism for the local community. The Denton and Reddish candidate pledged:

  • Securing the best outcome for the 1950s-born WASPI women who are suffering because of state-pension age equalisation. And continue the pledge, keeping the triple-lock guarantee for all pensioners
  • Defending our police front line and keeping our streets safe
  • Raising school standards and building a health and social care service that works for everyone in Tameside and Stockport
  • Fighting for the best possible Brexit deal, both in Britain and Denton & Reddish
  • Protecting the Tame Valley and Reddish Vale greenbelt

After the count, Gwynne said:

“When you consider where Labour was at the start of this campaign – 25 per cent behind the Conservatives – it is remarkable,

“We’ve run a positive campaign, a campaign of hope and opportunity and one that has engaged young people and people who previously haven’t voted.

“I’m humbled that the people of Denton & Reddish have elected me to represent you for the next 5 years. I will fight every day for the very best for our area.”

Gwynne will be sworn in and resume sitting as Denton and Reddish’s voice in Parliament on the week commencing Monday 12th June.

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