graphicDenton and Reddish MP,  Andrew Gwynne, has expressed his disappointment at today’s Queen’s Speech which was prepared by the Tory minority government.

A Queen’s Speech should set out the Government’s agenda for the Parliamentary session, to provide an opportunity for the winning party to turn their manifesto pledges into law.

However, the General Election on June 8th stripped Theresa May of an overall majority in Parliament meaning she is unable to govern without the support of MPs from other political parties.  The Prime Minister has desperately attempted to form a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland, but up to today, this has not been agreed meaning that many key manifesto plans have either been axed or delayed, leaving a very thin legislative programme going forward.

The Prime Minister stated the Parliamentary session opened by the Queen today will last for two years, consequently, there will be no Queen’s Speech setting out a further agenda next year.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“The Tories’ Queen’s Speech is a threadbare document from a weak and wobbly Prime Minister. It shows that the Conservatives are unable to put together a proper programme for government. All they promise is more austerity and cuts to vital public services.

“Theresa May has already dropped flagship commitments made during the election campaign. From social care to grammar schools, from cuts to Winter Fuel Payments to attacks on pensions, policies have now been shelved because she just cannot guarantee getting them through Parliament.

“The Queen’s speech is intended to bring stability and clarity to the country but I cannot imagine families up and down the country are feeling stable or secure after today’s speech.

“Labour will use all Parliamentary procedures to put forward our popular policies from the General Election manifesto and challenge other MPs to support us.  We will continue to hold this Government to account for as long as they cling on to power by a thread, and we stand ready to provide the UK the leadership and change in direction we need should the Tories lose the confidence of Parliament.”


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