Theresa May has had some pretty bad weeks since being tasked with delivering Brexit after David Cameron jumped ship in 2016 – since then, her Government has gone from crisis to crisis, with Ministers resigning weekly.

The chaos that characterises the Government’s approach to Brexit was abundantly on show just a week after Mrs. May’s Chequers Agreement. After losing her Brexit Secretary and Foreign Secretary within 24-hours, Mrs. May then caved in to hardliners within the Tory Party by accepting their amendments to the Customs Bill in Parliament on Monday.

It bears remembering that it took two years for Mrs. May to reach her Chequers deal, but only two days for it to fall apart. If the Government can’t get agreement with their own MPs, how on earth are they going to reach an agreement with the European Union?

It’s useful to remind ourselves how we got here.

Since her own disastrous decision to take on Labour after calling last June’s election she has trundled on as the ceremonial leader of a neutered government.

Two years later and her Conservative Party (although Mrs. May doesn’t appear to have much sway among her MPs these days) cannot agree on a model of EU exit or much of a domestic programme. On top of this, they need the votes of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionists to squeak any legislation through Parliament.

Sadly, Mrs. May continues to put party before country, and it is every part of Greater Manchester and every part of the country that is suffering as a result of this paralysis.

Two years on from the referendum it is extraordinary that the Government still has no plan for how it will protect jobs and the economy or prevent a hard border in Northern Ireland. The Brexit talks are stalled and the Cabinet remains split over two unworkable and undeliverable customs proposals.

We will hold the feet of this shabby excuse for a government to the fire because our businesses, our jobs and our future depend on it.


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