The local environment around our communities matters to all of us.

Keeping our green spaces green is vital, not just as to preserve a recreational or leisure space for enjoyment, but also as an environmental asset which protects our land and air in the wider urban sprawl. That’s why I have always supported a proper ‘brownfield first’ strategy which focuses on building on brownfield sites which have often been developed on, or have been left derelict and unused – this makes much more sense than building on green spaces!

I know how much people across Tameside care about our open spaces too which is why I have a long record of standing up to protect the local environment. I have neither supported, or plan to support any projects which would lead to the loss of valuable green spaces at the heart of an already heavily built-up and traffic congested residential area and the reason why I am totally opposed to the massive extension of the Bredbury industrial estate deep into the Tame Valley.

After meeting with the prospective developers of the Bredbury Parkway scheme in my constituency office I made my objections public after they made it obvious to me that they would not offer our communities any concrete protections that would prioritise our valuable green spaces.

Under Brenda Warrington, Tameside Council is led by a person who is committed to the protection and preservation of our river valleys and the green spaces around them. Tameside Council has a no net-loss policy towards the development of the urban fringe which means that proposals for development in these areas must always protect, conserve and improve the landscape quality of natural history of the locality.

In recent history Greater Manchester has always pursued a strategy which sought to protect and grow our green spaces which led to the old Greater Manchester Council’s (GMC) policy to turn the county’s polluted industrial backwaters into linear country parks.

Since the GMC was abolished in 1986 under the Thatcher government our region’s borough councils have continued this work in the in pursuit of creating havens from the bustle of urban life.

By boldly pursuing this vision we can see across Reddish Vale, for example, an area of wildlife and natural beauty which has continued to grow and thrive over the past few decades.

As a community we must strive to protect our green spaces and fight to keep as much land as possible green, as your MP I will never give up this fight.

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