If we thought that the drama, incompetence and let’s face it, sheer desperation of Mrs May and her shabby excuse for a government couldn’t get any worse, then we were all in for a surprise this week.

We have known for at least two weeks or more now that Theresa May’s worst of all worlds deal was going to be rejected by Parliament because it was so bad for our nation’s future. Somehow however, Mrs May has managed to unite the entire House of Commons against her, and her lousy plan!

Mrs May has been so rigid and focused on her bad deal that she couldn’t see the wood from the trees, and decided to plough ahead regardless when she should have had some humility, and gone back to Brussels to renegotiate. If she failed, then she should call an election so that the public could take power back from her and elect a new government that would be strengthened to negotiate the right deal for the whole of the UK.

Considering all of this it was of no surprise to me that Mrs May dragged herself to the Commons on Monday to again face defeat a week after losing three-votes in a row, one of which saw her Government found in contempt, essentially lying to Parliament. As I finished questioning the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government on Monday afternoon, Mrs May rose to her feet to announce to the country that her defeat would be so large if MPs did have a chance to vote on her deal that she preferred to cancel the whole thing. Unsurprisingly, the entire House of Commons laughed her down. Sadly, with the pound continuing to slide this is no laughing matter.

The Government’s half-baked deal and their proposed backstop solution for Northern Ireland threatens the integrity of the Union by adding yet another constitutional crisis to the many that have accumulated over recent years.

Labour have always believed any decision to revoke Article 50 should only be a political decision made by the UK as a whole, with a deal that respects the result of the referendum and making clear that revoking Article 50 is not something we are advocating.

Our priority is protecting jobs and the economy, and ensuring Parliament does not vote for Theresa May’s botched deal.

This Government’s incompetent and chaotic handling of the most important decision facing this country for a generation or more is damaging our economy and our democracy. It’s clear now that the Government cannot bring back a deal that protects our economy and is acceptable to Parliament; that’s why they should make way for a party that can, and will.

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