After 14 years of Conservative rule, so much of our country is simply broken, with no sense of a brighter future.

No where is this more apparent than in our National Health Service.

The NHS is a treasured institution for millions of people across the country, ensuring no matter your circumstances or background, you will receive the care that you need.

All of us have a story about a loved one who has relied on the NHS for potentially life-saving care, it is a service that touches all our lives.

Yet never before has the NHS faced such a perilous future.

It is no overstatement to say that far from being on its knees, the NHS has been pushed flat on its face by this government.

Hospitals crumbling, staff leaving in their droves, ambulances stacked up outside A&E departments, these are all scenes we have become far too familiar with in recent years.

The government have completely run out of ideas, run out of road, and simply have nothing left to offer our NHS.

In contrast, the next Labour government will be mission driven by our ambition to deliver an NHS fit for the future.

One of the core tenants of that mission, will be a fundamental shift of care services from being stuck in hospitals to being accessible in local communities.

For our NHS to properly serve the needs of the population today and in the future, we need to move services to where people are.

We’ve pioneered this approach in Tameside, with the construction of a new Community Diagnostic Centre in Denton.

I visited the site a few weeks back, which is scheduled to open in August, and the potential it has is clear to see.

The centre, located at Crown Point North Shopping Park, will include MRI and CT scanners, consulting rooms, and ultrasound facilities.

Crucially, it will ensure access to the widest possible range of facilities on the doorstep, bringing care into the heart of our local community.

It is a model that shows what a different, brighter future for our NHS looks like.

We cannot continue with the path before us, and we cannot accept failure as a default.

The NHS must reform and show that it can serve the needs of Britain as we find it today.

We’ve shown it can be done here in Tameside, it’s time we take it to the rest of the country.

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