There is a lot of talk of building back better. In fact, in many ways it is one of the catchphrases of the Covid era. It seems that everyone is agreed that our recovery from the pandemic shouldn’t mean a return to things exactly as they were, but that it should be an opportunity to think about doing things differently and improving the way we live and the places that we live. What is sometimes less clear is exactly what people want to see changed and improved.

For me, building back better has to start with transport. The way we move around – and are able to move around – is key to our everyday lives. The availability and quality of different transport options determines where we work, where we socialise and where we live. In other words, it is absolutely fundamental. New or alternative transport options open up exciting new opportunities, whilst poor transportation can leave us stranded and cut off from opportunity.

So what would I like to see? Green transportation is right near the top of my list. The threats posed by climate change are huge and we will all need to lead greener lives. Transport is a really important part of this, so I’d like to see more and safer cycling routes and better pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods. The more that we can make local journeys on foot or by bike, the better!

It won’t always be possible to travel by these methods though and that’s why we need better public transport for those longer journeys. For me, that means public control over buses to end the deregulation that has seen many vital routes cut and left others with poor or infrequent services. Our rail services also need improving and for us here, that means a proper service using Reddish South station!

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