Culture is the very fabric of our communities.

It’s the stories we tell, the songs we sing, and the traditions we hold dear and pass down through the generations.

But we cannot let that mean that they exist purely as a “nice to have”, culture has a huge role to play in our wider society and economy, but it is an industry that has been badly neglected over the last 14 years of Tory rule.

The creative industries employ 2.4 million people across the UK, and are worth £125 billion, and rising.

We have always been proud both in our corner of the North-West, and across the whole country, of how our rich cultural heritage has such an impact around the world, but the stats really do bare that out.

The UK is one of only three net exporters of music anywhere in the world.

We have the second largest art market on the planet.

We are the world’s leading exporter of books.

Rather than letting so much of what we hold dear suffer from a chronic lack of support and investment and become a wild west for scammers, we should be celebrating the creative industries as what they are, the very best of British.

From our incredible home-grown film and television making, to grassroots facilities like the CREATE centre and the newly revived Denton Carnival, both Tameside, and the whole of the UK, have so much to offer.

It’s why I’m so proud that Labour’s Shadow Culture Secretary, Thangam Debbonaire, is working with Keir Starmer to put support for creative industries at the heart of Labour’s offer to the country at the next election.

Labour has committed to a Growth & Skills Levy, so the creatives of tomorrow get the support they need today.

We will crack down on late payments and unpaid internships, to ensure small businesses and workers in the creative industries have the backing they need.

We will also end the absolute scandal of genuine fans at live music or sporting events getting ripped off by extortionate resale prices on tickets, pricing people out of live entertainment.

For a country so rich in culture, we deserve so much better than a revolving door of Culture Secretaries and a government who just doesn’t care.

For all our sakes, a general election, and a Labour government, cannot come soon enough.

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