Your favourite artist is playing a once-in-a-lifetime show. Your team are on the brink of winning the league. What’s more – tickets to see them live go on sale tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately for you, when you refresh the ticket site at 9:01am, you find that somehow every last ticket has sold out in under a minute.

Confused, you search online and find the very same tickets being resold for hundreds (or in many cases, thousands) of more.

This sort of exploitation has become all too common an experience, and an issue I am fiercely passionate about.

For far too long, ticket touts and scalpers have ruined the sports and culture market and unfairly restricted access to live events.

While reselling football tickets for profit has been illegal since 1994, there is no similar regulation for other sporting or cultural events.

In fact, the current Minister, Kevin Hollinrake, suggested that websites allowing limitless prices to be charged “may still provide a service of value to some consumers”.

In 2016, one ticket for Adele at the O2 arena in London was listed on GetMeIn for £24,840 – that’s 290 times the face value of the ticket.

There are laws against the use of bots or multiple identities to harvest tickets and resell at profit, but the government have been woefully incompetent at enforcing them.

Only two cases and six prosecutions have been made, allowing the vast majority of ticket touts and lawbreakers to walk free.

My friend and colleague Sharon Hodgson MP has been leading the charge in this area for many years, and it’s about time the government stood up and took notice.

While the Tories are content to let ticket touts run rampant and steal from supporters and artists alike, Labour has pledged to fight for the rights of the public and tackle the problem head on.

The next Labour government will cap the resale prices of tickets and bring much needed regulation to the resale market.

We will restrict the number of tickets any individual seller can list and close loopholes to shut down ticket touts.

We recognise that existing laws to protect consumers are useless if they are not properly enforced, and so will give the Competition and Markets Authority (an independent regulatory board) the powers it needs to crack down on law breakers.

This Tory government has been absolutely spineless in protecting the rights of artists and consumers.

Labour stands ready to end the ruthless and exploitative practise of ticket touting for good.

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