Expenses & Allowances

Following the MPs’ expenses scandal, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority – or IPSA – was established to oversee the introduction of new rules and the stringent administration of the payment of expenses and allowances to all Members of Parliament to enable them to carry out their duties.  

The expense and allowance claims of Andrew Gwynne MP can be viewed on the IPSA website.

All claims are published bi-monthly and include the full costs paid for renting a constituency office, as well as equipping it; all phone, stationery and postage costs; all staffing costs (including staff wages and employer pension and national insurance contributions); and any travel and overnight stays in London when Parliament is sitting.

Click here for the link: www.parliamentarystandards.org.uk

Staffing for 2019-20:

Here is a list of the members of staff working for Andrew Gwynne MP, all of whom are paid out of the IPSA Staffing Allowance made available for MPs, in the 2019-2020 financial year:

Located in the Constituency Office:

  • Angela Monks (Office Manager) – Full Time
  • Claire Reid (Secretarial and Casework support) – Part Time
  • Jayne Bickerdyke (Secretarial and Casework support) – Part Time
  • Charlotte Martin (Caseworker) – Part Time

Located in the Westminster Office:

  • Tom Sedgwick (Researcher) – Full Time

Additional Parliamentary Passholders:

Cllr Brenda Warrington, as Andrew Gwynne’s Constituency Agent (an unpaid position) is also a Parliamentary passholder.  Andrew Gwynne’s wife also has a spouse’s pass for access to the House of Commons estate.

Neither of these two passholders have received any remuneration from the Parliamentary allowances of Andrew Gwynne MP.

Office Address

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Constituency Office
Denton Town Hall Market Street Denton, Manchester M34 2AP
Parliamentary Office
Office of Andrew Gwynne MP House of Commons London, SW1A 0AA