Last week, Labour published a long-term plan to tackle persistent school absence and drive high and rising standards in education, an issue I raised in this week’s Education Questions in Parliament.

Levels of persistent school absence in Tameside have almost doubled in the last five years.

Staggeringly, more than one in four parents think school isn’t essential every day, with ever more children consistently missing out on vital learning.

We face a lost generation missing from Britain’s schools. Is there any better evidence of national decline under the Conservatives?

Being in school, learning and making friends, is the best place for every child.

If children aren’t in school, we won’t get the high and rising standards all our children deserve.

Absence harms every child, not just the children missing school.

That’s why absence is one of the biggest challenges we must tackle to break down barriers to opportunity for every child.

Only Labour has a long-term plan to tackle this.

The Education Secretary has belatedly claimed that reducing absence is her ‘number one priority’.

Again, following where Labour leads.

Just as we saw with crumbling schools, only acting once the problem spirals out of control.

Throughout fourteen years of Tory-driven decline, they have shown they do not care about improving the life chances of other peoples’ children.

But the next Labour government will put education back at the forefront of national life, as part of our mission to break down barriers to opportunity.

Labour will tackle the causes of school absence.

We’ll roll out free breakfast clubs in every primary school, driving up attendance and attainment.

We’ll secure mental health support inside and outside the school gates, with counsellors in secondary schools and hubs in the community.

We’ll reform school inspections, introducing annual checks on attendance.

We’ll join-up data to spot issues early and support families, nipping problems in the bud.

We’ll deliver a reformed curriculum and assessment system to engage every child.

We’ll reset the broken relationship between government, schools and families.
Under Labour, we’ll be partners in the push for better.

A party putting children first.

A government prioritising education.

A country where excellence is for everyone.

Our vision for education is simple but powerful, that background must be no barrier to opportunity.

Keir Starmer has fired the starting gun on the General Election campaign and opportunity, education and families will be at the heart of Labour’s message.

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