Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish, has called on the Government to save free prescriptions for 60–65-year-olds after a consultation to scrap it was announced.

The campaign to save free prescriptions is being organised by Age UK, who describe the proposed change as a ‘bitter pill to swallow for millions in this age group’. The Government is proposing to increase the age that someone can get their prescriptions from 60 to 66.

Age UK has called the proposals ‘unfair’ because prescriptions are free for everyone in Scotland and Wales, and states that it is ‘deeply concerned’ about the possibility of 60-65 year olds ignoring symptoms for fear they may be unable to afford long term symptom relief.

Age UK and Gwynne are now calling on those opposed to the policy to respond to the Department for Health and Social Care’s consultation on the issue.

Andrew Gwynne, who is also chair of the APPG on State Pension Inequality for Women said:

“This is a really self-defeating policy, and I’m very worried about the cost that will be passed on to those in the 60-65 category. It penalises those who need multiple medicines and could take an extra £600 from men and women in their run-up to retirement.


I hope the Government pays attention to these concerns and reflects upon what would be a potentially devastating change for those on modest incomes.


I would urge those who are concerned about this proposed policy to respond the Department for Health and Social Care’s consultation on this issue.”

To respond to the consultation and to get involved with the campaign click here

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