Denton and Reddish MP, Andrew Gwynne, has encouraged constituents constituents to benefit from free cavity wall and loft insulation for their homes in a programmed backed by E.ON.

For a limited time, households across Britain can have cavity wall and loft insulation installed for free by E.ON, regardless of whether E.ON is their energy supplier [1]. The insulation, which would usually cost around £775 [2], is being offered for free to all homeowners, landlords and private tenants who have their landlord’s permission.

A typical family home could save up to £285 [3] a year on their heating bills by installing both cavity wall and loft insulation, meaning people who take up the offer could save a total of more than £1,000[3].

If you’d like further information to help your constituents access this offer, our press release is attached, you can find more information here: or call E.ON on 0330 400 1083.

Andrew Gwynne:

“Almost a third of all heat lost in the home escapes through walls and a quarter through the roof in an uninsulated home, this means people will be losing hundreds of pounds each year needlessly.


“I encourage everyone to consider signing up to this scheme – you’ll be able to save money and the environment.”

(1) • Offer subject to applicants agreeing to eligibility check – this information is needed to help manage the scheme and applicants’ data and will not affect whether they are eligible for the measures described in the offer.

(2) and Figures based on semi-detached gas heated home are based on fuel prices as of April 2017

(3) and Figures based on semi-detached gas heated home and are based on fuel prices as of April 2017

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