Denton and Reddish MP, Andrew Gwynne has backed the Shoulder to Shoulder Against Cancer campaign to show his support for growing calls for the Government to provide vital investment in the NHS cancer workforce.

By 2035, we expect there to be over half a million new cancer cases every year across the UK.* To put this into context, this is around one person every minute across the UK, or around 790 people on average per constituency each year.**

In a report published recently*** Cancer Research UK estimates that NHS staff numbers may need to double across key workforce groups by 2027 just to keep up with the increased number of cancer patients. While this analysis is focused on England, the report finds that cancer incidences are rising across the UK and NHS staff shortages are just as severe outside of England.

In order to cope with rising demand for cancer diagnosis and treatment, the Government must train and employ more diagnostic staff and produce a fully-funded long-term cancer workforce plan. This vital investment in the NHS cancer workforce has been the key call of our Shoulder to Shoulder Against Cancer campaign which has gained passionate support from NHS staff, cancer patients and the wider public. In the past three weeks more than 2000 people from across the UK have already sent a message to the Health Secretary explaining why this is so important to them.

1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetime, with almost 4 in 10 cancer cases in England classed as preventable.


Gwynne at Cancer Research UK stand at Labour Party Conference 2018 


* Smittenaar CR, Petersen KA, Stewart K, Moitt N. Cancer Incidence and Mortality Projections in the UK Until 2035. Brit J Cancer 2016.

** Average number of cases per constituency per year in 2035 based on the projected 513,951 cases divided by 650 constituencies in the UK in 2018.


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