Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish, has called on Asda to think again over threatening thousands of staff with the sack if they don’t sign a controversial new contract.

The issue over these controversial new contracts has been rumbling on for some months but it is due to come to a head in the coming weeks as staff across the country are forced by Asda bosses to sign changes to their contracts. These changes will see them lose out on flexibility and holidays.

Many thousands of Asda workers simply won’t be flexible in the way that Asda bosses demand and imposing a new contract won’t change workers’ childcare, caring, studying, family and other outside work commitments.

One member of staff told their union that “I haven’t signed up to Contract Six because I look after my disabled mum when I’m off work.” This member is not alone, in response to a recent consultative ballot, 93% of respondents told GMB Union that they did not agree with the contract changes which were being forced on them.

Andrew Gwynne said:

“I’m very concerned about this new contract and the impact that it will have on workers at Reddish Asda and other stores.


“Asda has thousands of committed employees across the country and I am very disappointed that the company is putting them in such an awful position. I am particular concerned for those employees with caring and other important commitments that are going to be severely hit by any loss of flexibility.


“Whilst GMB members in Asda have won some improvements to the original contract, these need to go further and I’m calling on Asda to work constructively with the union, its members and workers to find a better deal. Asda must think again.”

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