Andrew Gywnne, MP for Denton and Reddish, has expressed concern about recent analysis on disability-free life expectancy in England

The research, published by the Centre for Ageing Better, finds stark disparities in the disability-free life expectancy in England. This estimates the number of years people can expect to spend before they develop a long-lasting physical or mental condition which limits their daily activities.

Tameside has been ranked among the worst 150 places across England in terms of disability-free life expectancy. Children born in Tameside today can expect to live disability-free until they are 55 for girls and 57 for boys. This is more than 10 years before they reach the state pension age of 68.

The average disability-free life expectancy across England is 61 for girls and 62 boys. Only children born in two local areas across the country are projected to be collecting their state pension before they develop a disability. The highest disability-free life expectancy is for girls and boys born in the London Borough of Wandsworth today, who can expect to be disability-free until they are 69.

The Government are currently preparing to publish their latest plans on how to increase our years of healthy independent life following a public consultation last year. The Centre for Ageing Better are calling on the Government to make good on their promise to ‘level up’ and reduce the gap in disability-free life expectancy between the richest and poorest regions in England.

Children born in Stockport have a longer disability-free life expectancy – 63.4 for women and 65.3 for men – but this is still below the state pension age.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“The analysis published by the Centre for Ageing Better about disability-free life expectancy, particularly in Tameside, is worrying.


“It just goes to show that regional inequalities are not just economic, but that they can also extend into other areas of our life such as health.


“I hope that the Government’s latest health plans will seriously consider how the gap in disability-free life expectancy between the richest and poorest regions in England can be reduced. It is clear that the current disparities are unacceptable.”

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