Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish, has today criticised the government after new research revealed that thousands of children are living in poverty in Denton and Reddish.

New analysis published by the End Child Poverty Coalition showed a sharp rise in child poverty in Britain in the last 5 years, with over 400,000 more children living in poverty after housing costs than in 2015.

Child poverty was rising sharply even before the Covid-19 pandemic, which is feared to have exacerbated the situation even further.

There are now 4279 children in Denton and Reddish living in poverty, an increase of 2.8% from five years ago. A staggering 29.2% of all children in the constituency are living below the poverty line, after housing costs.

Researchers combined data on child poverty published by the Department for Work and Pensions in May with information about local housing costs to build a detailed picture of child poverty across the country.

While the largest rise was seen in the North East of England where the proportion of children living in poverty has increased from 26% to 37% in just five years, child poverty has risen in every region of England bar the South East.

In a reshuffle of the Shadow Cabinet, Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer appointed Wes Streeting MP as Shadow Secretary of State for Child Poverty, creating a post dedicated to addressing the rise in child poverty as part of Labour’s top team.

Andrew Gwynne has signed the new “No Child Left Behind” pledge launched today by the National Education Union which says:

“As a member of Parliament, I pledge to do everything in my power so that no child is left behind in Denton and Reddish’

I call for the development of a cross-Government strategy to eradicate the poverty faced by the 4.3 million children currently growing up trapped in poverty.

I will use my vote and voice in Parliament to try to stop an expected 730,000 more children being plunged into poverty by 2024.

We must value and invest in all our children, so they are supported to learn, succeed, and go on to have bright futures.”

Speaking after signing the pledge, Andrew Gwynne said:

‘The child poverty figures released as part of this research are a shocking and disgraceful indictment of our government.


All we hear constantly hear from this government is rhetoric about levelling up. How on earth can we be levelling up when child poverty is rising, food bank use is soaring, and the attainment gap is widening?


I will always stand up for children in Denton and Reddish, and tackling child poverty is a top priority. That’s why I am proud to sign the National Education Union’s pledge to commit to do everything in my power to ensure that no child is left behind’.

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