Commenting on the Spring Budget 2021, Denton and Reddish MP Andrew Gwynne said:

“We are living in extraordinary times and we needed a bold, forward-thinking Budget to support our recovery from this crisis.


“Whilst there are lots of eye-catching announcements – some of which are very welcome – the Chancellor has completely failed to meet the challenge of producing a Budget to support a long-term plan for rebuilding our economy and our country after a disastrous year.


“I welcome the extension of furlough and the business support. However, beyond freezing tax allowances, which in effect brings more people into paying tax, or paying at higher rates, there was little to explain how hundreds of billions of pounds will be paid back.


“I’ve always taken the view it should be parked and treated in the same way as Second World War debts were; paying back over generations, so not to impact on day-to-day spending on our public services, or on capital and infrastructure spending.


“The crisis has shown the terrible consequences of over a decade of the Tories slashing public services, but the Chancellor has missed an opportunity to reinvest and rebuild these services, instead focusing on some tokenistic moves that he’s spinning as “levelling up”.


“The social care crisis remains unresolved, despite countless promises from the Government that they have a plan, and our brilliant key workers will have no reward for their work keeping the country going over the past year.


“Hundreds of thousands remain excluded from any Covid support schemes and many thousands more face bankruptcy as the Chancellor refuses to properly tackle the cladding and fire safety crisis.


“Looking beyond the headlines, flashy videos and spin, this Budget was just a very expensive way of kicking the can down the road. Unfortunately, it still remains unclear what the Government’s strategy is to get our economy back on track.”

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