Commenting on the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, MP for Denton and Reddish Andrew Gwynne said: 

“The fourth Chancellor of 2022 today delivered an Autumn Statement which laid bare the scale of Tory economic failure and incompetence.


“In just 12 weeks, the Tories have tanked the economy, and sent working people an invoice to pay the damage. After 12 years of Tory rule, we’ve seen pitiful growth, low investment and the dismantling of our public services. The Office for Budget Responsibility is now reporting that working people are facing the biggest fall in disposable incomes on record. The Tories’ response to this? To blame everyone but themselves.


The constant excuses and blame-shifting won’t wash with the people I represent across Denton and Reddish who are seeing their energy bills soar, tax bills rise and wages stagnate. They will ask themselves: Am I or my family better off with the Tories? And the answer will be a resounding no.


Labour are the only party that would prioritise the interests of working people. We would implement a New Deal for Working People, fix business rates, close the tax loopholes benefitting the big energy producers profiting from the war in Ukraine, get rid of immoral non-dom tax status and use it to fund free school meals and the biggest expansion of the NHS workforce in living memory; We would create a publicly-owned energy company, build energy resilience and invest in high-quality green jobs.


The difference between Labour’s vision for the economy and the statement Jeremy Hunt delivered today couldn’t be more stark. Britain has so much potential, but we are being held back by this Tory Government. It’s time for change.”

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