Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish, is supporting Hope Virgo’s campaign to Dump The Scales in order to support people with Eating Disorders.

Every day, thousands of people with Eating Disorders are being turned away from receiving treatment and support because their BMI is not underweight enough. The NICE Guidelines for access to treatment are not being implemented in the right way which is costing lives and causing heartbreak for people with eating disorders and their families. This is a failure which is also costing the NHS more money due to the increased needs of people with Eating Disorders when they hit crisis point.

In the UK, 1.25 million people are currently living with an Eating Disorder. Research has shown that the earlier treatment is sought, the better the chances of recovery. This is why there should be no delays in diagnosing mental illnesses. Lives can be saved from early intervention and prevention.

Hope Virgo is asking the Government to:

  • Recommit to the enforcement of NICE Guidelines 1.2.8 which state: “Do not use single measures such as BMI or duration of illness to determine whether to offer treatment for an Eating Disorder.”
  • Provide GPs with better training in relation to Eating Disorders
  • Develop a meaningful way to measure and monitor the implementation of guidelines, including an annual review

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“I am proud to support Hope Virgo’s campaign to Dump The Scales in order to support people with Eating Disorders.


“It is high time that we stopped waiting for people with Eating Disorders to hit crisis point before we offer them support.


“The Government need to recommit to the correct enforcement of NICE Guidelines and provide better training for GPs to ensure that Eating Disorder diagnoses are not based upon BMI.”

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