Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish, has thrown his support behind Labour’s new deal for working people, which was launched by the Party on Monday.

Labour’s new deal aims to make ‘Britain the best place to work’ by creating the next generation of high-skilled jobs, investing in new industries by providing start-up loans for over 100,000 new businesses across the UK, and protecting family incomes by opposing the Conservatives’ cut to universal credit.

There are currently more than 3.6 million people in insecure work, and in-work poverty is at a record high. As well as this, ONS figures show that average real-terms household income in the last 10 years has remained stagnant or reduced.

Labour’s new deal for working people includes:

  • Security at work: Better and fairer workplaces by giving workers full rights from day one on the job; outlawing fire and rehire; a new right to work flexibly; and strengthening trade unions.
  • Quality jobs: Use government contracts to support British businesses so we buy, make and sell more in Britain; a strong industrial strategy that delivers investment in green jobs including building electric cars.
  • Fairer Economy: A fair and level playing field on tax between multinational and local businesses; tackle harassment and discrimination at work so everyone can get on.
  • Opportunity for all: A jobs-promise for young people with a guarantee of quality education, training or employment; create tens of thousands of apprenticeships by ending the Treasury raid of the apprenticeship levy.
  • Work that pays: Make sure that work pays enough to bring up a family with a real living wage of at least £10 an hour forall; more workers covered by collectively agreed deals which boost pay.

Commenting on the plan, Andrew Gwynne said:

“Over the last 11 years, the Government have failed to sufficiently invest in jobs and the economy, and the statistics around poverty. Unemployment and insecure work speak for themselves.


The Government likes to talk about levelling up, but Labour actually has a plan to do it. I’m excited by this new deal. It will help to tackle the exceptional inequality that has become all too commonplace in this country, and create a post-pandemic future that is fairer, more secure and one in which everyone is given the opportunity to succeed.


Here in Greater Manchester we have seen first-hand the devastating impact the pandemic has had on lives and livelihoods. With this plan, we would see finally see some proper investment in our communities.”

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