Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish, has welcomed a report on the educational backgrounds of Britain’s leading people.

The report, ‘Elitist Britain 2019’ was published by The Sutton Trust and the Social Mobility Commission and looks at the educational backgrounds of leading figures in a variety of different fields, including politics, business, the media and the civil service.

The report shows that people who went to an independent school and those who attended Oxford or Cambridge Universities are over-represented in many fields. For example, 65% of senior judges and 44% of newspaper columnists were educated privately.

The report makes several recommendations to increase social diversity in top jobs, including improving careers guidance in schools and collecting and monitoring data on the socio-economic backgrounds of employees in the same way as gender and ethnicity.

Andrew Gwynne said:

“This report shows that too many of the top jobs are still held by people from a very narrow section of our society.


“Elitism is clearly still an issue in modern Britain, and it’s holding back many people from achieving their full potential.


“It’s important that decisions about how our country is run are made by people who are more representative of the wider population.”

Dame Martina Milburn, Chair of the Social Mobility Commission said:

“Politicians, employers, educators and policy makers all need to work together to ensure that Britain’s elite becomes more diverse, in gender, ethnicity and social background.


“It is time to close the power gap and ensure that those who hold the reins of power can relate to and represent ordinary people.”

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