Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish, has today written to the Chancellor urging him to give NHS workers a proper pay rise.

In the budget in March of this year, the Chancellor announced that the Government would give NHS workers a 1% pay rise. This figure was heavily criticised by health and union leaders, who pointed out that with expected inflation, the pay rise would actually result in a real terms pay cut to NHS salaries.

In the open letter, Gwynne writes that ‘a 1% pay rise is not only deeply offensive, but incredibly short-sighted’ and highlights UNISON research which shows that 91% of NHS workers surveyed agree that a pay rise would boost their morale.

The open letter also emphasises the shocking degree to which waiting times have increased, and the effect that the pandemic has had on the patient care backlog.

In Stockport alone, 51,000 people are waiting more than 18 weeks for treatment, and 13,777 are waiting for over a year.

Andrew Gwynne, speaking after sending the letter, said:

‘NHS workers have carried us through this pandemic, and it is incredibly disappointing that the Government are not thanking them properly with a decent pay rise.


The NHS has been underfunded and neglected by successive Conservative governments for far too long, and we need to start seeing money pumped into our health system.


A pay rise would not only boost morale and demonstrate this nation’s gratitude, but also help attract the new recruits urgently needed to relieve pressure on existing staff.


That’s why I’m urging the Chancellor to do the right thing and give our NHS heroes the pay rise they deserve.’

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