A few weeks back, I took a walk around Manchester city centre with my wife as part of my recovery from ‘Long Covid’. I took things slowly, with a few pitstops along the way so that I didn’t get too tired out.

As I went, I took photographs, showing the city’s blend of the old and the new; historic and modern. I really love my home city and enjoyed taking photos even at a strange time, with many of the streets that would usually be bustling standing almost deserted.

Starting up at Manchester Arena, we made our way all the way down to Castlefield and back again, passing a wide range of historic buildings, canals and memorials, as well as many of the brand new skyscrapers that have popped up in recent years.

I like to post about my travels on Facebook, so when I got back I posted a whole series of photos from my tour, along with commentary about the history of the city. It’s always nice when constituents and others take interest in these posts, but I was very pleasantly surprised by just how much interest there was in these photos – almost 20,000 people took a look!

People really enjoyed the photos and the tour that I’d done and several said it should be made into a book. Well one talented constituent did just that! Lesley Ross from Reddish converted my walk and photos into a fantastic PDF, which includes a map of the walk. I’d really like to thank Lesley for making the booklet and for allowing me to give this out for free.

You can download the walk for free here – I hope that you enjoy it!

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