10452387_726121634173000_4311170079794178832_nI wanted to let you know that the Denton North East Councillors (Allison Gwynne, Denise Ward and Vincent Ricci) and I have been in discussion with representatives from Landcare, Tameside MBC and Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority about a number of issues relating to Jet Amber Fields in Denton (and Hyde).

The first issue was maintenance of the country park (or rather the lack of it) and we have now come to an agreement with Landcare that Tameside Council will apply to Landcare for a special grant that they hold for maintenance of its sites on an annual basis and then the Countryside Service and Greenscape will be contracted to maintain the site, as always happened before the land was transferred over to Landcare. That will probably involve:

• monthly strimming/cutting of a 2m swathe of grass adjacent to footpaths, which will open them up;
• quarterly trimming of hedges and overhanging trees;
• monthly litter picking;
• removal of fly tipping when reported;
• regular inspection and repair of fences steps and gates;
• improvements to the surfaces of paths;
• erection of bird/bat boxes.

Hopefully this will give Jet Amber that ‘looked after’ feel again and is a positive step forward.

I also received assurances that notwithstanding the application submitted last year for a large ‘solar farm’ on the Hyde side of Jet Amber Fields this will NOT be happening at all and that the land will remain as public open space in a countryside park setting, as at present.

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