A Labour Party dossier has revealed the current Tory government is the “most divided Government ever” – incapable of delivering a Brexit that protects jobs and the economy, and incapable of delivering for working people

Ahead of this year’s Conservative Party Conference, Labour has published a dossier revealing this Tory government to be the “most divided government ever”:

  • The Conservative Party is divided in Parliament – 85 Conservative MPs, including Cabinet members and junior ministers, have come out against Theresa May or her Government in the last year. This is well over the threshold, of 48 MPs, needed to trigger a Tory leadership contest.
  • The Conservative Party is divided right across the country – the Conservative MPs that appear in the dossier represent constituencies from every region – from Scotland to the South West, and from Wales to the West Midlands.
  • The Conservative Party is divided at every level of Government – from the Cabinet through to local councils.

Labour’s new document reveals the true breadth and depth of the divisions within the Tory party. More interested in arguing with themselves than negotiating a good Brexit deal or solving the problems facing the country, it’s clear that the Tories cannot deliver the future we need.

While the Tories’ approach to Brexit is putting the economy and jobs at risk, living standards continue fall, working people are worse off, and our public services are being pushed further and further into crisis.

To read the dossier in full, please visit: Government Divisions Dossier

Andrew Gwynne MP, Labour’s Shadow Communities and Local Government Secretary, said:

“Riven by backbiting and plotting, this Tory government is the most divided Government ever.


“The splits which tore through John Major’s Cabinet in the 1990s pale in comparison to those running through May’s sorry excuse for a government.


“At a time when the country is in the midst of the most important negotiations in recent history, the Tories’ endless infighting and political posturing poses a very real danger to Britain’s future and to communities across the country. They are incapable of delivering a Brexit that protects jobs and the economy, and are incapable of delivering for working people.


“British people deserve better. Only Labour stands ready to take charge, and start the work of rebuilding and transforming our country, for the many not the few.”

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