As the clock strikes midnight on 31st December each year, amidst all the hugging, drinking and Auld Lang Syne-ing, we all collectively hope that the year to come will be better than the last. For once, we can all be fairly confident that these hopes will be realised. Put bluntly, 2020 was a pig of a year and I’m fairly sure that we’re all delighted to see the back of it.

We’ve all faced difficulties, whether it’s not seeing our families, losing jobs or businesses, feeling isolated and lonely or losing loved ones to the virus. As a community, the events that are normally such highlights – like ReddFest or Friends of Reddish Vale’s seasonal events – have been cancelled, along with countless birthday parties, weddings and religious festivals.

In all these dark times though, 2020 did give us one very positive thing indeed and that was the launch of the newspaper that you hold in your hands (or are scrolling down online) right now! The Heatons Post has been a delight to read through these difficult times, full of positive stories about the brilliant things going on in Reddish and the Heatons despite the pandemic and the lockdown. Thanks to the Heatons Post team for all their hard work keeping the community connected and informed during this time! 

Just because we’re in 2021, the challenges that we face won’t magically disappear, but there is much to be hopeful about in this new year. Vaccines are being rolled out which will allow social distancing to be phased out, businesses will be able to reopen and we’ll be able to spend time with friends and family again. What’s more, if there’s one thing that 2020 taught us all, it’s how fantastic the community is we have here – together I believe we can support each other to make sure we all have a happier, healthier 2021.

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