According to new research by Mental Health Foundation, 18 year old youths are being discharged from adolescent mental health services and then being told that they don’t have serious enough problems in order to access adult services.
The research published ahead of World Mental Health Day (10th October) revealed that 75% of those leaving youth services may still require mental health intervention and are being left on their own without access to proper help. 
Young adults are finding themselves in a position where they have to justify their reasons and persuade adult services for seeking mental health intervention. The government are failing to make mental health an equal priority to that of physical health and yet it affects so many people.
Patients are forced to wait for over a year for an appointment only to be told that they can not access the services that they have been waiting for.  To have to wait that long only to be rejected for not meeting the eligibility criteria is a harsh reality that many young people face today in this country. In the EU nearly one in five deaths are caused by intentional self harm amongst 15-19 year olds systematic failure in tackling mental health problems. 
Andrew Gwynne MP:
“Our young people are being failed by this Government. The Tories are failing to make mental health an equal priority to physical health and this is most apparent in children and young people’s mental health.
“Young people are being systematically failed as it stands. This report by Mental Health Foundation is incredibly worrying, and must be investigated and resolved.
Today, on World Mental Health Day, I’m urging this Government to take immediate action and make significant changes to how we tackle young adults’ mental health problems across the country.

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