Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish, has expressed his delight that there will be a new 305 bus service connecting Dane Bank and Denton town centre.

It emerged last month that Stagecoach intended to make significant changes to services from 30 August. As part of these changes, the 205 service from Manchester via Gorton will no longer run to Denton and will terminate at Dane Bank instead.

This resulted in a campaign by Gwynne, Denton West Councillors George Jones, Brenda Warrington and Mike Smith, and local residents to ensure that the bus link between Dane Bank and Denton did not disappear.

Whilst Stagecoach were not willing to reconsider these changes, Transport for Greater Manchester initiated talks with another bus operator, North Western, who will be starting a new service 305 from 31 August.

Part of the route is hail and ride, and there is a school opening/closing link with Denton Community College.

Andrew Gwynne said:

“I’m delighted that North Western has stepped forward to fill the gap shamefully left by Stagecoach Manchester’s service cuts. It’s so important that the people of Dane Bank keep a direct public transport link with their supermarkets, town centre and other local facilities.


“I’m especially pleased the new route will also take in Denton Community College at school opening and closing times.”

Speaking on behalf of Denton West councillors, Councillor George Jones said:

“The scrapping of the Dane Bank to Denton link by Stagecoach was wrong and shameful. Parts of a town should never be cut off from vital services in the town centre!


“After much hard work between ourselves and Transport for Greater Manchester, it’s absolutely fantastic to see that we have a new service with a new operator to save this important link.


“I believe this is a service that will work in the interests of the passengers that will use it, proven by the morning drop off and evening pick up at Denton Community College and the hail and ride scheme available around the Acre Street, Shoecroft Avenue and Town Lane area.


“We must now all work together to ensure this service is a success!”

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