Stockport Council’s Planning Committee will be deciding next Thursday (25th March) on an application to build warehouses on green belt at Woodley in the Tame Valley. The development will extend the existing Bredbury Park Industrial Estate.

The local group Save Woodley’s Green Belt have issued the following statement with local MPs Andrew Gwynne and William Wragg:

“We call on the Planning Committee to reject this damaging application. The proposed giant warehouses would destroy our green belt and ruin the Tame Valley.


“This plan is not a solution for employment. The trend is for warehouses to use automation and robotics to reduce jobs. This proposal would flatten the countryside in order to create opportunities for robots.


“Hundreds of articulated lorries would be let loose on local roads. The 24-hour operation of the site will create noise and light pollution and disturb residents of adjoining homes. A proposal to protect local residents by putting a five metre fence between them and the site is unacceptable.


“This development must not be allowed to go ahead.”

Diane Coffey, chair of save Woodley’s Green Belt, said:

“Our Tame Valley has been a green lung during the pandemic. We should preserve these fields as a green heritage for future generations. The plan though reduced from a year ago will badly affect our wildlife and biodiversity.”

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“The need for new giant logistics sheds in Stockport has not been established. Indeed, there are better sites for this type of development in Greater Manchester.


“The plan would completely destroy the openness, ambience and coherence of the Tame river valley at this location. In my opinion, there are no ‘exceptional circumstances’ for the release of green belt at this important buffer between Stockport and Tameside.


“The application should be refused.”

William Wragg MP said:

“It’s now crucial that councillors listen to local people and reject these plans.”

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