Andrew Gwynne, the Labour MP for Denton and Reddish and William Wragg, the Conservative MP for Hazel Grove have both reacted angrily to the latest claims to Stockport Council from the prospective developers of the Bredbury Industrial Estate that plans would lead to a “net gain in biodiversity”.
Developer, Quorum, was asked by the Council to provide more supporting information for their proposal to convert several acres of Greenbelt in the Tame Valley into industrial sheds. Their analysis has now been submitted to Stockport Council for assessment and public consultation.
One of the ‘mitigation’ proposals leading to the outrageous ‘net gain’ claim is for the developers to plant a hedge around the Reddish Vale Country Park car park at Tiviot Dale in Portwood, 3 miles away from the development site.
Because the land is currently protected, the proposed development can only be granted planning permission if the developer can demonstrate ‘very special circumstances’.
There is considerable opposition to the proposals from people living in Denton, Haughton Green, Woodley and Bredbury. The proposals would see industrial units built right up to the River Tame in the v of the valley, creating a terracing effect. It is also feared it would damage the ambience of both the Hulme’s Wood and Haughton Dale Local Nature Reserves on the opposite side of the River Tame in Tameside.
Tameside Council has also formally objected to the plans.
William Wragg MP said:
“To talk of a ‘net gain’ to the environment by massively building over green belt land is barmy. We are being treated as fools and I trust this proposal will be rejected.”
Andrew Gwynne MP said:
“I’m incredulous. The developer could at least have the decency to say, we screw the environment but are trying to create jobs. That would be an honest appraisal and it then hangs in the balance which of the two is more important.
“But to dress this up as an environmentally-friendly proposal and to even go as far as saying there’ll be a net biodiversity gain from sheds, concrete, noise and air pollution insults my intelligence and that of my constituents.”
Both MPs’ added:
 “When will these chancers learn that our precious Tame Valley is NOT for sale?”
The public can comment to Stockport Council on the latest information submitted by the developer, which can be read online:  (using reference number DC/074399).


MPs Andrew Gwynne and William Wragg are opposing the destruction of our Tame Valley.
The area of greenbelt land in the ‘v of the Tame Valley’ the developer is seeking to build on.

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