The future of Adult Social Care has been a recurring theme of public concern over the last year, particularly in relation to how this is funded. Local Authorities have, rightly been petitioning Government for a fair and sustainable funding solution to be found, with English Councils having faced £16 billion in reductions to core funding from government from 2010, at a time of increasing demands in Social Care.

In dealing with such significant challenges over the care for our most vulnerable, sometimes the plight of those who deliver that care is forgotten. Those who choose employment caring for others often do so in spite of insecure employment, low pay and pressurised conditions. It is important that Labour is supportive of these individuals at all levels of Government, not only because they deserve this, but because their conditions have direct impacts upon the quality of care people receive.

A number of Councils have made positive moves to improve care worker conditions, leading the way amongst these has been Stockport Council. True to their 2016 manifesto pledge, Stockport Council has prepared an ethical care framework for Stockport, which incorporates the principles of the Unison ethical care charter. This commits the Council to work with home care providers to improve working conditions, ensure effective workplace representation is facilitated and receive proper remuneration for their work. Furthermore, Stockport Labour’s 2018 manifesto details, as part of its 50-point plan for Stockport, plans to facilitate the setting up of a cooperative care worker entity in the Borough – to both save money and raise standards.

This is not the only topical area in which we have seen Stockport’s Labour-led Council grasping the nettle of late. Repeated incidences of fly tipping have become all too regular in the news.  Fly tipping is socially irresponsible and – for that matter – criminal behaviour which costs significant funds to clear up and is a blight on public spaces. It is therefore good to know that Stockport Council is taking action through pursuing prosecutions and introducing a new policy which includes the power to impose fines without going through the courts which is quicker and more effective. Only weeks ago we saw a prosecution on a fly tipping by an individual in Reddish Vale; welcome news which will hopefully deter similar acts in future.

Anyone wanting to report fly-tipping behaviour can do so at:

Constituency Office Address

Town Hall, Market Street, Denton, M34 2AP

Parliamentary Office Address

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA