Last weekend marked the second anniversary of Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, showing frank disregard for international law and causing immense suffering to the Ukrainian people.

This anniversary gives us chance to reflect on the immense sacrifices made by the people of Ukraine in defence of their country and thank the charities and local organisations across the UK who have opened their homes up to Ukrainians and worked to support those displaced by conflict.

Parliament has not been shown at its best recently, but the UK’s complete resolve to stand unwaveringly with the people of Ukraine is one issue where the House has always spoken with one voice.

Whilst there may be, and I hope there will be, a change of government this year, there will be no change in Britain’s commitment to stand with Ukraine, confront Russian aggression, and pursue Putin for his war crimes.

I recently attended the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly in Vienna where Ukraine, as a member of the OSCE, were able to play a full part in proceedings because of Russia’s absence.

The message from my Ukrainian colleagues was clear, they would not have gotten this far without the support of the UK and other allies.

Our backing of Ukraine isn’t just a principle, it is helping stem the tide of Russia’s illegal invasion and provides Ukraine vital military support.

Labour has backed the government consistently on Ukraine when we believe they are getting it right.

We fully support all the military aid provided to Ukraine, including the £2.5 billion pledged for 2024.

We back the British Armed Forces’ training programme for Ukrainian troops in the UK, and strongly welcome allies supporting these programmes with additional troops.

But we have also been candid and constructive when we believe they need to go further.

For example, Labour put a motion before the House last summer which would have brought about the sequestration, seizure, and repurposing of Russian state-owned assets for the purpose of rebuilding Ukraine.

Labour would reconnect Britain and make sure that the UK’s singular diplomatic role is utilised to bolster global support for Ukraine, working with allies to further isolate Russia and ensure the global rules-based order is adhered to.

It is a relentless determination to do whatever it takes, and one I wholeheartedly support.

Labour, and the country, will stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes to win.

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