Responding to the news that Stockport is seeking to be lifted from the localised Greater Manchester Covid restrictions, Denton and Reddish MP, Andrew Gwynne said:
“I am not an epidemiologist and I resent the Government now involving Members of Parliament in decisions which should solely be scientifically evidence-based and not political decisions.
“As tough as these additional local restrictions have been, they’ve been necessary to keep the Coronavirus suppressed as much as possible across Greater Manchester. At one stage it risked spiralling out of control again, and it’s still far too high in some parts of the conurbation.
“Stockport Council assures me the data is robust and supports the lifting of restrictions across the borough, and I will support them in that decision.
“Representing a parliamentary constituency which straddles two local authorities, I am also assured by Tameside Council that the data for this borough does not yet support the relaxation of measures, although it does thankfully appear to be moving in the right direction. I fully support Tameside in this decision too. I appreciate this will cause some difficulty at the seamless border where Reddish meets Denton, and where people will be under different restrictions, a concern I have voiced to both Councils.
“I will however be watching closely at the local data in the coming weeks, particularly as the schools return. And the messages across both Stockport and Tameside remains the same: keep socially distanced, wear a mask where appropriate, wash your hands and keep yourself and those around you safe at all times.

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