Last Sunday volunteers, councillors and friends all came together in Houldsworth Square in Reddish. The aim was to give the square a bit of a makeover and a tidy. The ‘Care for the Square’ event was organised by Cllr David Wilson, who took time out of his busy schedule as Deputy Mayor of Stockport to get it all set up.

This event was a real example of a community coming together to take pride in where it lives. I’d like to thank Reddish Vale Country Park and Morrisons Reddish for very kindly donating bedding plants, and local people who took time out of their weekend to spruce up the square.

This event follows several other community litter picks organised by residents. A few weeks ago, I attended a litter pick in South Reddish Park. I couldn’t believe how many bags of litter we managed to fill in such a short amount of time. I’d like to thank the Friends of South Reddish Park for organising that event and Cllrs Jude Wells and Janet Mobbs who are coordinating the various ongoing Reddish South clean-ups.

These kinds of events make me so proud of where I live. When local communities pull together, we make a visible difference. It’s a testament to the power of community that in just a few hours, we can totally transform a space. I hope to see and join in with many more litter picks and clean-up operations.

Of course, the goal is that eventually we won’t have to organise so many litter-picking events. I want everyone in Stockport to have pride in their local area, and those who litter to be inspired by seeing the actions of their fellow residents and change their own behaviour. I also want to see increased maintenance funding earmarked for our local areas, so that we can keep them looking great for ourselves and for future generations.

So, if you hear about a local litter-picking or clean-up event taking place near you, I really encourage you to get involved. It’s a brilliant day out and it is so satisfying when you look back and see what a difference you’ve made.

For now, however, let’s celebrate those volunteers who are doing a wonderful job of keeping Stockport looking fantastic. We’re lucky to have you and thanks for loving where you live.

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