Labour’s Andrew Gwynne is a long-standing campaigner for justice to be granted to  the women born in the 1950s who have been affected by the changes to the State Pension Age.

Andrew Gwynne was one of the first MPs to raise the issue at Prime Minister’s Questions, and was a founding member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the issue.

Both the Pension Acts of 1995 and 2011 raised the State Pension Age for women; and  the 2011 Act also sped up the process. Because the changes weren’t communicated many women, upon reaching 60, hadn’t planned financially for the lack of a state pension.

Now Andrew Gwynne MP has agreed to take up the issue for those retired British women who live overseas, with the Parliamentary Ombudsman. This is because an MP needs to authorise a referral to the Ombudsman, but now being overseas residents, they don’t  have one (or where they do have one because they are still registered electors in the UK, they’ve refused to help).

The referral to the Ombudsman is in relation to the maladministration complaint made against the Government and to challenge the handling of the complaint by the Independent Case Examiner on the following grounds:

1.   Why the ICE has closed the case when the Judicial Review has not yet taken place or a date for the review been determined. Therefore, the subject of the complaint is not yet undergoing any formal legal procedure.

2.   Why it has taken this long for the ICE to deal with their case (target is to resolve cases within 8 weeks of accepting them for examination)


Andrew Gwynne said:

“I will always stand by those 1950s-born women who have been so badly affected by the 1995 and 2011 Pension Acts changing the rules of the game, and without proper notification being given. These women deserve their case to be heard fairly and independently and, just as I support those of my constituents who are affected, I also extend my support to those women who now live overseas and don’t have an MP to fight their corner.


I very much hope the Parliamentary Ombudsman will look at their very valid complaints and challenge the unfair treatment by the Independent Case Examiner who shut down the case on very spurious grounds. These women deserve justice, and I’ll be campaigning alongside them all the way.”

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