Andrew Gwynne MP joined councillors and MPs to present a letter at Downing Street at 11am on Wednesday 19th June calling for urgent action to address the £3.1 billion funding gap in children’s services. The letter also calls for the Government to reverse planned changes to the funding formula for local government that will see deprivation downgraded or removed as a measure.


Sixty-five MPs and councillors – including Leader of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, Cllr Elise Wilson – backed the call and signed a letter to the Prime Minister calling for urgent investment in young people. Signatories are urging the Prime Minister to address the £8bn funding gap which councils continue to face by 2025, and to use her remaining time in office to deliver a parting gift aimed at supporting social mobility, a cause that Theresa May claimed that she would address when she first entered office.


The event was organised by SIGOMA, who represent the views of most of the larger urban councils in England, including Tameside and Stockport.


Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Andrew Gwynne MP, said:

“Young people are paying the price for austerity. Council services have a major impact on the life chances of young people, especially in areas like Tameside and Stockport. Many rely on wonderful council services to get on and get by, but funding for these services has been slashed.


“One of Theresa May’s last actions could be to fix the funding crisis facing our councils, and ensure that the poorer parts of the country will have funding reinstated and increased to levels which allow councils to provide vital services.”























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